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VST effect plugins:

Most Excellent Transformer

Most Excellent Transformer win32 vst. An authentic analogue simulation of a transformer to add subtle colouration and that certain-analogue-something. Subtle and super. More details on the blog post.

screengrab sri off

Honest Highpass win32 VST version. Also available as a Reaper JS effect. Also the Honest Highpass Manual.

Honest Lowpass win32 VST version.

Honest Band Gain win32 VST. The ‘Honest’ perfect time response, resonance free purity in band gain form. Select the center frequency, dial in the gain. Slight ‘butterfly’ pre-emphasis curve in the response.

Honest High Shelf Gain win32 VST. High shelving gain. Select the frequency, dail in up to 6dB gain. And you didn’t even know your old EQ was smudging detail when you dialed in high frequency gain! Time to sort it out!


Very Sexy Resonant Notch win32 VST. High Q bandstop or notch filter. High end analogue modeling of seedy, legendary, exiting inductor based resonant filters. Inaccurate, groovy moreishness.

Very Sexy Resonant Peak win32 VST. As above but gain instead of cut. Bold and peaky and tells the lies you want to hear.

Very Sexy Low Q Boost win32 VST. Much like above but a little more modest – read wider, lower curves (stolen mostly from the Pultec!). Add a dab to a tidy, even mix if you like to add just a little Gin to your fruit juice.

Very Sexy Low Q Scoop win32 VST. Same as above but what the Pultec couldn’t do – those wide resonant curves as cut instead of boost. All yum, no waiting!


Bulova win32 vst Subtle charisma, Valve-ee colour and big-ness, cheery fun trashy-ness. All good, all low level simulated analogue circuitry 🙂


Unclean Delay (with wet / dry control for use inline with signal) or Unclean Delay Wet (all wet, no dry for placing on a separate channel). Tape echo style complexity for echos that blur and tasty fade away rather than digitally nagging on!


Electron Cloud A subtle piece of that analogue complexity. A less-known property of valves in a dial creating a specific type of enhancer effect. Win32 vst.

Reaper JS effects (Reaper only, no graphical interface):

A collection of eq filters. Faithful analogue simulations of real world RC filters. Less with the surgical but more with the fidelity. Get that time domain accuracy and loss of digital artifacts you didn’t even know you needed! Details on the blog post.

Band gain  –  High pass  –  Low pass  –  High shelving gain