Plastic Fantastic


Pokey Sticks probably best work of late has involved low level analogue simulation combined with echo / reverb sounds. Pokey Sticks would be happy to share the digital distillations however, they are a bit complicated! If you’re brave enough to try the (very wonderful) Unclean Delay and Very Sexy Reverb then drop a message a just ask 🙂 In the meantime, here’s something good, simple, efficient and useful!

Bulova is an enhancer. Based on the Pokey Sticks very special low level analogue simulation, it adds either pure 2nd harmonic distortion products or odd-order harmonic distortion products. The High Cut and Low Cut controls determine what part of the input sound feeds into the enhancer-o-bit. The Mix control determines how much non-linearity is added to it. It all comes out the other end,  original signal and enhanced bit together and Bobs your uncle! 🙂

Second harmonic is fairly subtle. Characteristic of some very old, single ended valve based equipment, it can add a little dab of smooth charisma. The hard-to-tell-its-there kind of effect. (unless you overdo it!)

Odd Order is far more visible.  Dial the Low Cut up towards say 1kHz-ish (1ish on the dial), roll off a little top end with the badly named High Cut to keep it smooth – try maybe ‘8’. Leave the dial on 10 to do no High Cutting, turn it down to 0 to cut lots! Should have called it ‘How Much Treble’ or similar… Add a sensible dab of the Mix dial. The result can be very like the way a nice, exiting sounding valve based push-pull amplifier would add harmonic components to the sound. In the case of the valve amp, an internal feedback loop is supposed to keep it linear but at higher frequencies and depending on design, phase shifts may make this loop less effective. That means that symmetrical (odd-order) distortion creeps in for only parts of the sound and bold and colourful noises come out 🙂

Download it as a VST from the Downloads Page



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