High Fidelity and White Lies


Pokey sticks has been busy with all kinds of interesting stuff lately. There’s some very ‘arty’ things in process and once more free and downloadable are some plugin things from technical developments… Introducing the ‘Very Sexy’ range of filters! šŸ™‚

If the agenda for the ‘Honest’ filters was accuracy and fidelity, the ‘Very Sexy’ filters bring you lies and fidelity. Assuming there can be such a thing. Like the Honest filters, they’re built on low levelĀ copies of analogue circuits. The difference is that they are modeled on different kinds of circuitry. Use of inductors was more common way back when people didn’t mind things being really big and heavy and expensive. Examples of inductor based filter circuits include some famous Abbey Road custom equipment and (parts of) the legendary Pultec equaliser. An inductor and a capacitor together form an electronic resonator. The resonance or ringing effect can be use to boost or cut selected frequencies in a signal that’s passing through it. Also, the resonance can be tuned to have a sharp and narrow (high Q) or a wide and flat (low Q) effect on frequency response.

The important thing at that time was it was a practical way of getting getting stronger, more dramatic EQ curves. A secondary effect is thatĀ there are a lot of ways in which the output signal is not honestly equivalent to the input signal. The resonance takes time to build up and to die away and even when the filter is being used to cut frequencies, something is being added. They have their own unique thing.

Thus the ‘Very Sexy’ filters. They can be unruly. High Q peaks have the potential to be very high and peaky indeed. And you can’t rely on them to actually be acting on the exact frequencies the dials innocently claim. But they can be very effective, sometimes bold and also shamelessly musical. Pokey Sticks hasn’t made much of an attempt to tame the rough edges. Partly because there’s lots that needs getting on with and partly because it just seems more fun that way! šŸ™‚ They are of course modeled with care and detail, based on legendary hardware and designed to give excellently accurate, high fidelity performance of their careless misbehavior…

Get them via theĀ downloads page



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