Honest Highpass update

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The Pokey Sticks research department has been working on a whole bunch of exiting Sound-Stuff lately. There are some very pure processing whatsits based on low level analogue simulation. Distilling things to Platonic Purity(tm) has had the additional effect of bottling the essence of all kinds of colourations, flavours and resonances too! Applying these at will is very nice indeed 🙂 Inspired by said flavours, Pokey Sticks is also working on some enhanced ribbon microphone designs that with luck will bring a super smooth retro thing to vocals with a modern fidelity at the same time. Also possibly the greatest way of recording acoustic guitar everrrrr.

And the point of the post: The Honest Highpass filter is now available (free) as a VST plugin (previously only as a Reaper JS effect). See the previous post Free Filters Resonance and Punctuality for details. The complete set of Honest effects as VST soon. Also soon, some very nice coloured filters with analogue complexity…

Honest Highpass win32 VST

Honest Highpass manual

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